Wednesday, April 4, 2018

"No recipe" for Matzo Brei, by Sharon E. Silver

One of the great pleasures of my teaching life is meeting a wide range of people. One of my longtime students is an Orthodox Jew. She is a fabulous writer, a lawyer and a committed and adventurous cook. She has a wry sense of humor,  has been published all over the place (link to one of her pieces here) and I love reading whatever she writes, even if it's just an email about making matzho brei. Her name is Sharon E. Silver and here is her latest email, which reads like a poem.

No recipe for matzho brei:

Use more eggs than you think you need, search for blood spots, throw out some yolks to appease your husband.

Check shmurah matza for burned spots and use the fraction that’s relatively unblackened. Crumble it in, add salt, mix. 

Fry in too much olive oil. Turn pieces while you apologize for not having done it earlier because your kid’s hungry. 

Dump into 7-inch foil pans because your dishpan is full and it’s disposables or bust. 

Savor the silence as they eat. 

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